Charitable Trust and Foundations play a huge role in helping patients with complex and incurable illnesses live positive lives

Thanks to some amazing people, grant-makers have:

  • Made patients comfortable with new equipment such as new beds and mattresses
  • Repaired a bereaved child’s heart through paying for a counselling session
  • Created a project to target patients with a non-cancer, heart failure diagnosis.

Every grant makes a difference regardless of size, whether it’s for adaptive cutlery to help patients eat independently or to pay for a service to run for an entire year.

Some of our current funding needs: 


Art Therapy 3

£8,150 -  Art Therapy

A form of psychotherapy offers both emotional and psychological support during a difficult time.  Working with a qualified art therapist, patients make use of different materials and discover the art of making as they explore their thoughts and feelings through the work that they create.

Training 12

Equipment -

Vital items of equipment are needed ranging from a Lymphoedema clinic treatment couch - £950, syringe drivers - £15,000 which allow pain relief whilst patients remain independent, to a double sized hospital bed - £15,000, which will allow loved ones to ‘cuddle’. Items can be used both for treatment, and to help make everyday extraordinary for our patients and their families.

Training 6

£20,615 - Sponsor a Community Healthcare Assistant through the night 

Our Healthcare Assistants not only support patients in their own homes with personal care such as washing, dressing and toileting, but also provide care for families through emotional and psychological support.

If you’re a Trustee or a representative of a Trust and are interested in supporting Compton Care, we’d love to hear from you and you’d be most welcome to join us for a guided look around.

Please contact our Senior Trusts Fundraiser on or get in touch by calling 0300 323 0250.

We're grateful for the support of the following trusts and foundations:

  • St James’s Place
  • The Roger & Douglas Turner Trust
  • Garfield Weston Foundation
  • Masonic Charitable Foundation
  • Wesleyan Foundation
  • HoEF 
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Clinical Enquiries: 01902 774570, General Enquiries: 0300 323 0250.