Couch to marathon!

Father and daughter, Andrew and Ellie Rogers have been supporters of Compton for many years now, but their most recent challenge, the London Marathon, has been a rewarding, yet challenging chapter of their story with Compton. We sat down with Andrew and Ellie to chat about their upcoming challenge and it was noticeable how fondly … Continued

Our Retail Plus shop is so much more than a store

Join us this bank holiday at our Retail Plus shop This week saw Thrift Shop Day take place in the USA, with Americans flocking to their nearest second-hand store to hunt for bargains. Sadly, we don’t celebrate such an event here, but before you’re overcome with FOMO (fear of missing out, if you didn’t know) … Continued

Support Compton Care – from anywhere!

If lockdown has taught us anything, it’s that there are endless possibilities when it comes to going remote. So many of us quickly adapted to working from home, turning boardroom meetings into Teams calls and transforming our kitchens into offices. Cinema visits with friends became long-distance Netflix parties. Book clubs also continued thanks to the … Continued

Put on your own oxygen mask before attending to others

I’m not sure the Mental Health Foundation could have timed the Mental Health Awareness Week any better: the end of lockdown is on the horizon, there are barely any COVID-19 reported deaths and people can actually hug their families and friends from next week. So, we decided to spend the week thinking about mindfulness, meditation, nature and all things that improve … Continued

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