Free Post Service

Help us make the most of your donations

We appreciate all of your kind donations, we sell them on our online stores and the profits go towards supporting people with incurable conditions. You're helping us by donating, so we'd like to help you by making it easy as possible to donate those high-quality goods.

What is Our Free Post Service?

We are excited to introduce our Free Post Service, a new service that makes posting your donated items to us even quicker. You are able to donate your goods to us through the post and it's completely free of charge to you. We do ask that you only donate saleable items as this service does incur a small cost for us. All you need to know is where your local Collect+ store is.

We have teamed up with ClickSit to provide a free post label that can be attached to a box-full of generous donations. You can include as many items as you want to in your box - as long as it fits within the dimensions provided and is under the weight allowance of 10kg.

Please do bear in mind that this service costs us a small fee, so we're looking for items that will make the most profit, enabling us to generate vital funds for our patients.

What Donations Can I Post for Free?

We welcome most of your pre-loved items, but there are certain items we're unable to accept, for various reasons. We’ve provided a list of items that are acceptable to send in your boxes.

With any donation, the most important feature is that items are complete, working and in excellent condition, as we are not able to sell broken or poor quality items.

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How To Send in Your Donations

We’ve made it as simple as possible to send the items you want to donate.

  • Firstly, you’ll need to get your free post label by entering your email address with ClickSit, you'll then be emailed your label which will need to be printed to attach to your package.
  • Fill your box to the dimensions to the maximum weight of 10kg
  • Find your local Collect+ store and simply drop your package off and wait to receive a notification from us that this has been received.

It’s important to remember to package your items appropriately if there are breakable as we can’t take responsibility for the condition the boxes arrive in.

Map & Size Guide
Where is my nearest Collect+ Store?

Most people have a Collect+ local to them, there are currently 7,500 drop off points in the UK, with most situated in post offices or Cooperative stores. To make your local store easier to find, you can check where your local drop-off point is and get posting.

Don’t have a printer? Don’t worry, in most cases, your local Collect+ store will print the label for you, just ask!

Gift Aid Donations

When it comes to your donations, we can claim Gift Aid back after your items have sold. If you are eligible for Gift Aid, simply add a note with your full name and address within the box containing your donations, so we can contact you later in the year with your Gift Aid contribution.

For more information, you can read more about Gift Aid and how this extra money helps support our services.

Thank you so much for donating to Compton Care!

Clinical Enquiries: 01902 774570, General Enquiries: 0300 323 0250.