Linda and Neil

My name is Linda and I want to tell you why Compton is so important to me.  For many years I travelled by bus from Perton to Chapel Ash to work, passing Compton almost every day for over 10 years. I always prayed that I or a member of my family would never have to go into Compton as I imagined it to be a sad place where people went to die. In 2011 our son passed away after being diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2001. He lived in Stafford with his wife and two very young children, he didn’t have the chance to go into hospice care as he was considered too young, there was little support for him or his family and my view was coloured by his experience.

My darling husband Neil had suffered from serious heart problems from the age of 30 and over the years had had many admissions to hospital receiving wonderful loving care. He had retired at the age of 38 but devoted many years to voluntary service in Wolverhampton, at New Cross Hospital, Citizens Advice and other charitable organisations.  In 2020 at the start of the pandemic Neil was diagnosed with aggressive lung cancer. We were devastated but were immediately put in touch with Compton Care for support.  This was amazing. We were visited at home by a wonderful consultant and then by the nurses who explained how they could support us. I was telephoned every week to see how I was feeling and how we were coping.

As Neil’s condition deteriorated, our GP suggested that it was time for Neil to be admitted to Compton and arranged for an ambulance later that day.  I was able to visit Neil every day, and friends and family came to see him in his lovely room. If he had been in hospital we could not have visited him. He was cared for so lovingly, I cannot single out one person except to say that everyone who looked after him did so with so much care and compassion that it really brings tears to my eyes when I think how he was looked after. Sadly on 7th September last year Neil passed away. It was our 53rd wedding anniversary.

My faith is strong and Neil and I were so lucky to have been able to share Holy Communion together in the presence of the wonderful Elaine. Neil knew he was dying but he accepted it with dignity and was supported until the end by the wonderful staff at Compton.

I will always support Compton as long as I can.  I will never pass by thinking that it is a place where people just go to die.  I will think there is the place where people go to be wrapped in loving care until the time comes to say goodbye and their families and friends will know that they were loved too.

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